How do I require an FFL for Ammo for customers in a specific state?

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Sun, 31 Dec 2023 at 07:58 PM by Zachary Meyers

To require purchases in certain product categories to be shipped to a FFL, do the following in coreFORCE:


  1. In Products > Taxonomy > Product Tags, create a new product tag called FFL_REQUIRED_XX, where XX is the state that requires the FFL.  For example, for California, you would create a product tag with the code FFL_REQUIRED_CA.  For the description, you can enter "FFL Required in California"
  2. Check that product tag as Internal Use Only.  Otherwise it will be visible to customers on your site.
  3. In Products > Products > Products, filter the list of products to the department and/or category that you need to restrict.  For example, for California, select the Ammo department.
  4. Click on the Actions button and click Select All.  Check the number of results selected to make sure you have selected only the records you intended.
  5. On the Actions button, click "Tag Selected Products."  Choose the new "FFL Required in XXXX" that you created.


You can verify that all the products were tagged correctly by filtering the list of products by the new FFL Required in (state) product tag.



Once this is set up, your customers will be prompted for an FFL at checkout if they have a shipping address in California and a product with the FFL_REQUIRED_CA product tag in their cart.

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