Bound Book Section Guide

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 01:33 PM by Hannah Harris

In the Company module > Settings, use the search box or the jump to drop-down menu to get you to the Bound Book section.

  • Use Bound Book? (1): Checking this box will enable the Bound Book module. If unchecked, the Bound Book module will not appear in your store.
  • A Sale Creates A Pending Disposition (2): Checking this box allows you to review the 4473 Form and background check prior to the record being disposed completely (automatically puts the order in Pending status after the sale is suspended vs automatically putting the order in Disposed status, for more information see Receiving and Selling Firearms with coreSTORE).
  • Days Open For Business (3): Check the boxes next to the days that your store is open (needed to calculate the number of business days so that the 5-day 3310 multiple handgun alert will generate properly for stores that are not open on all weekdays, also see Open Saturday, Open Sunday?).
  • Force All Caps For ATF Forms (4): Checking this box will block customers from typing in lowercase while filling in ATF forms.
  • Set FFL Employee (4473/Q27.G) To Current User (5): Checking this box automatically sets the "Name of FFL Employee Completing NICS check" field in Section C of the 4473 Form to the name of the currently logged in employee. Leaving this box unchecked will require the employee name to be filled in manually on the form.
  • Hide Archived In Manage 4473 (6): Checking this box will hide the archived 4473 Form records under the Manage 4473 screen.
  • Require Email At Kiosk? (7): Checking this box requires customers to provide their email on Section B of the 4473 Form.
  • Require Phone At Kiosk? (8): Checking this box requires customers to provide their phone number on Section B of the 4473 Form.
  • Waiting Period (In Hours) (9): Specify how long after purchase the buyer must wait before taking possession of the firearm, according to your state's regulations (Note: This time is in HOURS, not DAYS. If your state requires multiple days, you must put in 24 hours per day, for example, if the waiting period is 10 days, in this field you must put 10 days x 24 hours = 240).
  • Number Of Records Per Page (10): Choose from the drop-down list below (A) the number of records you want to be showed per page in your Bound Book, with the options ranging from 25-500.
  • Signature Device (11): Choose from the drop-down list below (B) which type of signature device your store will be using (Touchscreen or Scriptel).
  • Background Check (12): Choose from the drop-down list below (C) which type of background check your store must submit for any customers purchasing firearms [NICS, TICS (for Tennessee stores), or FDLE-FES (for Florida stores)].

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