Can I have my IP address whitelisted in coreFORCE?

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 27 Sep 2022 at 09:34 AM by Hannah Harris

In general, our policy is not to whitelist our customer's IP addresses. The reason the blacklist exists is that there are hackers and malware programs constantly scanning web sites for vulnerabilities; we have high confidence that coreFORCE is secure and can not be easily hacked, but no software is perfect. Furthermore, even secure software is vulnerable to denial of service attacks, in which a malicious program floods the server with requests and overloads it. The blacklist helps to prevent those attacks.


If we were to whitelist our customers' IP addresses, and then a machine on the customer's network was infected with malware, we would be opening up the site to unlimited attacks from that malware.  That could easily lead to making the public website unavailable, or worse, having our customer's data compromised.


For this reason, we will be happy to remove your IP addresses from the blacklist and to help you identify the issue that caused the blacklisting, but we will not add your public IPs to the whitelist.


If believe your IP address has been blacklisted, please submit a support ticket including your public IP address.  To find your public IP address, visit


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