How to Set Up and Manage Employee Users in coreFORCE

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To set up accounts for employees that restricts their access to a specific set of subsystems only takes a couple of steps. 


In this example we will be setting up an employee account for managing Events & Facilities


The first way to do this is to set up a specific account for the User


Go to Contacts > Users > Users 


Under the Details tab enter the required information and ensure to check the box for Administrator Flag



Under the Access tab you can add and restrict Subsystem Access to whatever you would like. 


It is important to note that restricting a user from the the System Subsystem will not allow them access to the back end and they will not be able to log in.



This yields a specific and restricted administrator menu in the back end




Alternatively if you wish to add multiple Users with the same restrictions you can create a User Group for these employees and add them to that group


In Contacts > Users > Groups 


You can add the restrictions here.  Ensure that you check the Administrator flag on all User accounts you add to this group.



Explanation of Sub-systems access (side bar in the back-end)


Each of the subsystems evuates to one of the sidebar menu options


CMS refers to the website tab (templates, fragments, pages, files, forms, etc.)


CRM is contacts and user management


Developer is for Developer specific tools


DMS is donor management menu


Education is for the education tools. 

Events and facilities is Events and facilities


FFL is not a menu but ripples throughout the others. This subsystem is given to clients who are FFL dealers


Help Desk is the help desk menu


Orders is where you can see orders, refunds, etc.


Payments is payment related options

Products includes Product related options


System is automatically given to every client


Tasks isn't used right now.


  • This is full featured, but would need to have a front-end built up.

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