Loyalty Program in coreFORCE

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This video explains the coreFORCE loyalty points program and how to set it up:



You can create the loyalty program in Orders > coreFORCE setup on the Gift Cards tab.

The coreFORCE setup process will do three things:


1. Create a payment method type called LOYALTY_POINTS.


2. Create a payment method called LOYALTY_POINTS, with a default description the user will see at checkout.


3. Create a loyalty program called LOYALTY, with default values.


You can manage your loyalty points settings in Orders > Loyalty Programs.  By default, any user can use the program and redeem points on any size order. The default is 1 point per $100, with 1 point worth $1, so a rewards rate of 1%. You can tweak this or create additional tiers if you have multiple user types in your system.




In this scenario, if they had $450 worth of items, it will tell them before they finalize that they will get "this many loyalty points" and it will tell them something like "This purchase will add 49 loyalty points to your account. Add $14.01 in product to this order to jump to the next level." You can also adjust the text and CSS for this text. See the example below for a $485 purchase. 




This image shows our old checkout but it works the same way.



Viewing Your Points


A customer can view their loyalty points from "My Account"


Managing Individual Orders/Users


Once users start accumulating loyalty points, you can view the points per user in User Loyalty Points. This is accessible via the Page Chooser which pops up when hitting the Shift key twice. The User Loyalty Points page is read-only; it is a log of points activity relative to your customers. If a customer cancels their order, you have to mark the order as Deleted in order to reverse their loyalty points. This is done on Orders > Dashboard. Click on the canceled order and click the red Delete button.  This will remove the points from the user and add a note in the User Loyalty Points log that says "points reversed because order deleted."


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