How to Add Subscription Products in coreFORCE

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 13 Sep 2022 at 12:16 PM by Hannah Harris

This article will walk you through how to create subscription products in coreFORCE. Subscription products could include things like prepackaged meals, memberships, locker rentals, etc. 


To add a new subscription product, you will need to go to Products -> Products -> Subscriptions. Once you are there, click the blue "+ ADD" button in the top right corner. You will need to add a unique subscription code (For example: "ELITE_MEMBERSHIP") and a description of what the subscription is. 



If your subscription product is by units (for example: Packaged Meals) and not time, you will want to check that box under the sort order field.


The next field is "Notify Days" where you can set how many days before the renewal to send notifications. Leave this blank if you would not like to send a notification.


If you don't want the subscription product to be purchasable on your website by customers, you can check them as "Internal Use Only". 


To add a new product here, click the "ADD PRODUCT" button. 


You will need to put the title for the Startup product into the "Startup product description." The Startup Product will be the product that is initially purchased by a customer.


Input the detailed description using HTML. This can also be added via the editor in Product Maintenance after the product has been created and this will not require it to be written in HTML. 


Select a Product Category for this subscription product. If you do not already have one created, you may wish to create this in Products -> Taxonomy -> Categories


If you have an image you would like to display for this product, you can upload that in the "Product Image" field by clicking the "Choose File" button. 


Input your startup price. If you wish to have an initiation fee on top of the renewal cost, you would just add those together and input that price as the Startup price. Additionally, if you are offer your first month free, you can simply leave the price at 0.00. If there is no initiation fee and no first month free, simply input the startup price as your normal monthly or annual cost. 


If your subscription product is annual, you will likely want to put in 12 Months for the field labeled "Startup includes in subscription". If your subscription product is based on units, make sure to select units from the dropdown. Other options are Days or Weeks. 


From the Recurring Payment Type dropdown, select either Annual or Monthly. This will create a Renewal product. Input the information into the renewal product as needed.


When a startup product expires and needs to renew, it will renew as a renewal product. 


If you would like to have multiple types of subscription products labeled under the same subscription code, you can simply click the "ADD PRODUCT" button as many times as needed. 


See below for an example of what a membership subscription, set up for both monthly and annual memberships might look like:


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