Troubleshooting Event Creation Issues

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There are a lot of factors that go into creating events. The purpose of this article is to show you a few things that you can look into if things are not displaying as you intended. 


If you would like to review the process for creating events, you can do so Here.


Troubleshooting Missing Dates


First, it is important to understand the difference between Events and Products. The Event Registration Product and the Event itself are both considered different records by the system. The dropdown list of event listings on the product details page will display any Event Registration Products. The Event Calendar will display the events, but only if there is a facility reserved for that event. If there is a product tied to the event, the event will be "clickable" from the calendar and will link to the associated event registration product. Therefore, if the event is not clickable, this is a sign that the event registration product was either deleted, made inactive, or disassociated with the event. 


If you do not see your newly created event in the Event Calendar, you will want to find the event in Events Maintenance and go the reservations tab. Here, you will see if a facility has been reserved for that event (see picture).



However, if a facility has been reserved, you will see it here (see picture).



If the issue you are experiencing is not here, please submit a ticket to the help desk and we will help you out as quickly as possible.


If you need to go back and reserve facilities for these events, you can go to the Reserve Facilities tab, double click on or drag over the facility from the box on the left to the box on the right, fill in the start/end date and the start/end time and click the "CREATE RESERVATIONS" button at the bottom (see picture).



Duplicate Entry Error Message


If you receive this error it is important to note that the Create Events page creates two records for every event: 


an Event record (Events & Facilities > Events > Events)


and a Registration product which customers purchase to register for the event (Products > Products > Products - filter by product type event registration)


If you've deleted an event but are receiving this error it is possible that you did not delete the corresponding registration product.  The links for both names have to be unique so when you try to recreate it you get an error that the product name is in use


You can delete the registration product in Products Maintenance (Products > Products > Products)



Further Assistance


If you do not see the issue that you are experiencing here, please submit a ticket to our help desk and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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