Generic labels for your Zebra printer

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To pick the right label you need to match the label type, DPI, and label size.


     Label type- What module you are going to use label in, We have bound book, inventory, item kits, transfers, and work orders.


     DPI(dots per inch)- If you open your printer settings it will tell you in the general settings tab it will be 203 or 300.


     Label Size- The size of your labels Width x Length



How to download the Labels

To download the labels below you need to go to inventory>labels>download labels and then select the label you want to download and scroll to the bottom and click download.



Item Labels



Bound Book Labels



Misc. Labels(Item Kits, Transfer, Work Orders)



Making Slight adjustments


If you need to make slight adjustments these explanations will help you make slight adjustments to the labels. Keep in mind this is meant for customers who want to modify the labels themselves. If you need any help or more advanced changes submit a ticket at and include the label you need adjustments made on and what adjustments you want made. You can also have us make a custom label just include what module you want to print from, label size width x length, what you want on the label, and your printer model.


FO(field orientation)- 0,10    0 = Moving left and right. The higher the number the further right the object will move. 10 = up and down the higher the value the further down the object will go.


CF(change font)- 0,30 0 = font type, we keep this at 0 you can experiment with different font types if you would like. 30 = font size, the higher the value the larger the text.


BC (barcode)- 1,2,3,4,  1 = orientation(N=normal R=rotated) 2 = barcode height 3= print data under barcode (Y or N) 4 = print data above barcode (Y or N)


FD ( field designation) This is where you select what info is being printed on the label. This article shows you all of the replacement fields you can use.


Common issues/setup

Here are multiple articles to troubleshoot issues.

Setup your label printer

Zebra setup on Mac

Basic troubleshooting issues.

Labels printing offset

Printing code instead of Labels on Mac

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