Set up Events and Training Classes in coreFORCE

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This article makes the following assumptions:


  • You have multiple events or classes that you want to offer on an ongoing basis.
  • You will charge a fee for the events you offer.


This process is for clients who intend to offer a catalog of ongoing events for which customers will pay a class fee. 


Currently we do not offer a fast way to change the date and time of an already created event. The best way to do so would be deleting the reservation of the facility and recreating it with the correct date and time. Therefore, please take this into consideration when creating an event.


The first step is to set up the event and product taxonomy for your classes:


  1. In Products > Taxonomy > Departments, create a department for your training classes.
  2. In Products > Taxonomy > Category Groups, create at least one category group for training classes (if you have multiple types of classes you should set up one category group per type classes; e.g. basic safety classes, licensing classes, preparedness classes, etc.).  Add that category group to the training department.
  3. In Products > Taxonomy > Categories, create a category for EACH CLASS that you offer.  The reason is that every instance of the class will have its own product, so the only way to group them together is to have a Category for the class (e.g. Basic Handgun Safety Class, etc.). Add each category to the appropriate category group.
  4. In Events & Facilities > Events > Event Types, create an event type for EACH CLASS that you offer.  Again, every instance of that class will be its own event, so you need the event type to keep them grouped.
  5. If training classes are subject to a different tax rate than physical products in your state, you will need to create a new tax rate in Orders > Settings > Tax Rates.  For example, if training is not taxable in your state, you may create a "Not taxable" tax rate of 0.00.
  6. Once those steps are done, at Events & Facilities > Events > Create Events, you can start creating your classes with the dates, locations, descriptions, and registration products.  Be sure to pick the correct event type and the correct category for the registration product. If you set up a special tax rate for training, be sure to select the tax rate in the registration product. Double check all your content before saving changes on this page as it is not possible to make bulk updates to events or registration products once they are created.
    This article gives a detailed walkthrough of the Create Events screen:
  7. After creating at least one event, go to Products > Taxonomy > Options. You will see fields for Event Type, Event Date, and Event Location. If desired, you can change the description (not the Code) for each field to something more user-friendly (e.g. "Class" instead of "Event Type"
  8. In Products > Taxonomy > Groups, click on the Event Registration record.  The order of the fields must be Event Type, Event Location, Event Date.  If Event Date is not the last field, the list of dates will not be properly filtered by the class type.


The final step is to customize the class details display and create a class catalog page and/or an event calendar to display your classes to your customers.  Contact Coreware to help you set this up. 


To create a free event, you should still go over the above-outlined steps. The only difference in creating the free event is  putting a price of "0" in the shopping cart checkout. That way, the user sees the event in the calendar, registers for it but does not have to pay anything to participate.  

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