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Event Colors will affect the display color of reservations in the Event Scheduler based on certain criteria. The colors set in Event Colors will not affect the colors for events in the event calendar (these are set in Event Types). 


Example of Colors in Use



Setting up Colors


To get to Event Colors go to Events & Facilities -> Events -> Event Colors. To add a new color, click the blue "+ ADD" button in the top right corner. 



The fields here are very simple to set up. Select a comparator, select whether this color will display upon matching or not matching the comparator, select a color, and select a sort order priority.


 However, because only 1 color can apply to each reservation, you will need to think carefully about what sort order to apply to each of your colors. 


Select a Comparator


Comparators can also be thought of as conditions. If the condition on the reservation matches (or doesn't match) then the color will be set accordingly.



There is a lot of flexibility in the comparators that can be chosen and once you choose a comparator, where applicable, a dropdown will appear and you can narrow it down.


For example:



Sort Order


Because only 1 color can be set per reservation in the event scheduler, it is important to consider the sort order. Sort order will consider a lower number to be a higher priority with "1" being the highest priority number. For example, if you have a class, you might not necessarily care whether the contact attached to that class is a member or not. In this case, you might set the comparator to "event type is - Whichever Class In Question" and set the sort order to 20 whereas your comparator for "user type is - Member" would be set with a sort order of 25. In this example, the event type comparator will take priority over the user type comparator. 


"Does NOT match this condition"

Marking this flag will make it so that it sets the color when the comparator is NOT the case. For example, if you checked this box while the comparator is set to target practice, the color would be set on all events that are NOT target practice. In this example, you might have a pistol basics class and a concealed carry class which would have their color set accordingly because neither of them are the event specified.


If you are a gun range, there are a few scenarios where this might be useful. Because each of the following 3 examples would be high priority things that the Range Safety Officers would want to know, these would need to be set with a high priority in the sort order. 


The first 2 of these examples will need to have a contact category created in Contacts -> Settings -> Categories. These can be set on each contact as needed. Additionally, if you have your waiver in coreFORCE as a form, we can make it so that it automatically checks the category when the form is completed, although this is beyond the scope of this article.


For each of these, the color is set to red to signify that it needs immediate attention and the sort order is set to very high for the first 2.


Waiver NOT signed



Waiver NOT validated



Reservation NOT paid for


If you would like to see whether an order has been paid for by color, you can select the comparator "Event has order" and mark the box that says "Does NOT match this condition". 


IMPORTANT - If you are going to use this color rule and you also offer memberships, you need to set this as a lower priority number than your membership colors. Members generally do not pay for reservations and therefore there is no order for the reservation in the system. If you set this sort order lower than the member color sort order, this color will display on every single member.



Full Example of Event Colors for a Gun Range


Note Event Color ID: 3 - This refers to a non-member that has their waiver both signed and validated and the reservation paid for (order on file).  



Color Legend


If you are working the range and you have a lot of colors set up, you can click on the 3 line item icon in the top right corner to open the color legend for a quick reminder on what each color refers to.


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