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You can also change the Column Layout from just a single one or you can choose more aspects such as double layout, triple layout, 1/3:2/3, 2/3:1/3, and quad (4) layout.


For example, we have selected a triple layout under settings in the image below.


Triple layout example.


The next step is Padding. Padding is simply the spacing around the sections and you can also toggle it on and off. If you want to put more space on top, you can increase the padding here in the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right side icons as you can see in the image below. We now have a bigger layout than previous images.


Layout Padding


Next, you can choose the background type of the layout. You can make it a full-width email or you can contain the background to the content width. You can also change the colors of the background and even select patterns.




Once you're good with your section settings, go ahead and hit the Done button as shown below.


Settings Done.


Layout Elements


Now, you can drag in elements like images, we can drag in the image element and then select Replace and upload an image into the file library where we can then select it.


Replace Image




Upload File


After this, you also have some additional information to customize like the Image Url and some other controls where you can enter Alt Text for SEO purposes.


You could hyperlink the image to a destination and you can also control the width and the height of the image right here.


Here again, you get a padding toggle if we wanted to add or remove any spacing around the image, then you can choose the alignment of the image. Once you're good with your image, go ahead and hit Done. Well done!


Image Settings


You can continue to drag elements into your section by just dragging them over and then use the functions available in the left-hand sidebar.


For example, you can add your headings, additional paragraph text and enjoy full control over it just like you would in any good email editor.


You can also add a ready-made footer to your email and customize it with your brand colors and information.


A pro-tip: Clicking on any element in your email content such as headlines, footer, images, social icons will open up the Settings section for that particular element chosen.

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