Setting Up a Waiting Period in coreSTORE

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Depending on where your store is located, you may need to setup a waiting period in coreSTORE. Some states have a mandatory waiting period in place that specifies how long after purchasing a firearm the buyer must wait before actually taking possession of the firearm. In coreSTORE, you are able to set it up so that a sale will never be able to be completed before the waiting period is up. In your coreSTORE, go to the Store Config module and navigate to the Bound Book section (for more information about this section, see Bound Book Section Guide). In this section of the Store Config module you will see the Waiting Period (In Hours) option.



In this option, you will input the waiting period for your state in HOURS, not DAYS. If your state requires multiple days, you must put in 24 hours per day. For example, if the waiting period is 3 days, in this field you must put 72, which is 3 days24 hours.


After you set the waiting period, a warning will show up when trying to complete a sale or un-suspending a sale before the waiting period is up. This warning will tell you that the waiting period is not up yet. ["There is a firearm on this transaction and it has not been (however long the waiting period you set up is, for example 72 hourssince the sale was started you still have (however long until the waiting period is up, for example, if it has only been 24 hours and the waiting period you set up is 72 hours, it will show that there is still 48 hours left until you can complete the sale) to go. You cannot complete the sale at this time.]


If you try to complete a sale before the waiting period is up, the window shown below will pop-up, blocking you from completing the sale. Next, click the OK button and suspend the sale.



If you are un-suspending a suspended sale before the waiting period is up, an alert will show at the top of the screen, as shown below. At this point you will be blocked from completing the sale; you will have to re-suspend the sale until the waiting period is up.



If you do need to bypass this waiting period, you can give certain employees permission to override the waiting period by going to the employee's profile, navigating to the Employee Permissions and Access section (1), find Bound Book: Add, Update, Delete, and Search boundbook (2), and check the checkbox where it says Override Waiting Period (3), then click the Save button (4).


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