Taxes Section Guide

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In the Company>Settings module, use the search box or the jump to drop-down menu to get you to the Taxes section.


  • Prices Include Tax (1): Typically this is not used for U.S. based stores. The U.S. uses sales tax instead (Check this box if your store is in Canada or Europe where the price of the item already includes the tax).
  • Charge Tax On Receivings (2): If this option is checked, tax will be calculated and added to Receiving transactions.
  • Use Tax Values At ALL Locations (3): Checking this box requires that all store locations use the same tax groups/rates as defined in (4) (if this box is left uncheckedeach individual location will be able to use different tax rates).
  • Tax Group (4): You can define multiple tax groups that can be assigned to items, item kits, suppliers, customers, delivery zones, and locations. Each tax group can have multiple tax rates that may change over time.
    • Name (A): Input name of the tax group.
    • Tax Name (B): Input name of the tax rate.
    • Tax Percent (C): Input the tax rate percentage.
    • Cumulative (D): Check this box ONLY if your store is in a jurisdiction that requires a cumulative tax rate on sales (usually, leave this box unchecked). For more information on how this works, see coreTIP Tuesday - Multiple Tax Rate Setup.
    • Default (E): Click on this circle to select your default tax group (one tax group must always be selected to be the default).
    • Delete (F): Click Delete to delete the last tax rate in the list of that tax group, click again if needed in order to delete the next tax rate listed, and repeat if needed until only the first tax rate is left, then if needed click one last time to delete the tax group entirely.
    • Add Rate (G): Click Add Rate to add a new tax rate under that specific tax group.
    • ID (H): Represents the order in which the tax group was entered. (Note: You can not edit this field.)
    • Sort (J): Using the arrow icons, you can change the order of the tax groups. Simply click on the arrow icon, hold down on your mouse, and drag the tax group to where you want (For an example of how this works, see the steps in process: Modules Section Guide).
    • Add Tax Group (K): Click Add Tax Group to add a new tax group.

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