Currency Section Guide

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Thu, 27 Oct 2022 at 12:14 PM by Hannah Harris

In the Store Config module, use the search box or the jump to drop-down menu to get you to the Currency section.


  • Currency Symbol (1): Input the symbol used for currency throughout your coreSTORE. It is shown on receipts, the sales screen, etc.
  • Currency Code (2): Can input an optional currency code for the currency you input in (1).
  • Exchange Rates (3): If you need an exchange rate, for example US dollars to Canadian dollars, you can enter it here (for more information on how to set up exchange rates, see How to Use Exchange Rates).
  • Currency Symbol Location (4): Choose from the drop-down list below (E) where you want the currency symbol in the price (Before Number or After Number).
  • Number of Decimals (5): Choose from the drop-down list below (F) how many decimals to display. It is recommended to keep the default value Let system decide. This will display at least 2 decimals and show more as needed. If you want to specify the amount of decimals in the price, you can choose any number 0-5.
  • Thousands Separator (6): Input the symbol for how you want to separate the output of thousands. The default is , and will be displayed as 1,000.
  • Decimal Point (7): Input the symbol for how you want your decimal points to be shown. The default is . and will be displayed as 1.5.
  • Currency Denominations (8): List the denominations you will use in your store and their value. The usual denominations are already listed here.
    • Denomination (A): Input the name of the denomination.
    • Currency Value (B): Input the value in currency of the denomination.
    • Delete (C): Select Delete to delete the denomination.
    • Add currency denomination (D): Select Add currency denomination to add a currency denomination.

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