How to Open a Register

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In order to get to the main screen of the Sales module to start a sale, you need to open a register. If you have multiple registers set up under the location you are using (for more information, see How to Configure Locations), the first thing you will see when you select the Sales module is the multiple registers screen. Click the register that you want to open.



This will bring you to the open register screen (if you do not have multiple registers set up for this location, this is the first screen you will see). In order to open the register, you need to enter the opening amount of each payment type (1) (how much of each payment type is in the register when you open it). The payment types only include those that you have decided to track in the register [choose the payment types you want to track by checking the Track Payment in Register checkbox for that payment type in the Sales section of the Store Config module (for more information, see Sales Section Guide)]. On the right side of the screen, you will see each payment type listed along with the previous closing amount of that payment type (A). Enter the payment type's opening amount in the payment type's Opening Amount field (B).


For the Cash Opening Amount, you can also use the Denomination section (2) (only shows if you are tracking cash in the register) to count the cash that you are opening the register with [the denominations included in this section are the Currency Denominations you have set up in the Currency section of the Store Config module (for more information, see Currency Section Guide)]. Input the amount of individual units of each denomination (C) that make up the Cash Opening Amount (D). Do NOT input the total cash amount of each denomination. For example, for 100's, if you have 5 100-dollar bills, you would enter 5 in (C) NOT 500.00. As you input the value of each denomination, coreSTORE will add all of the denomination counts together and the Cash Opening Amount (D) will automatically populate with the total sum.


Once you are done entering the opening amount of each payment type, click the Save button (3) to open the register. If you have multiple registers set up at this location and you want to change to a different register, click the Register Name button (E) and you will be brought back to the multiple registers screen. If you want to pop open the cash drawer, click Pop Open Cash Drawer (F).



If you have not input an opening amount for each payment type, coreSTORE will block you from opening the register, showing "Please enter a value." under the opening amounts that you still need to input. After inputting the opening amounts needed, you can then click the Save button again to open the register.



After opening the register, you will be brought to the main screen of the Sales module for that register, where you can then start a sale.


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