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When a dealer forwards a manufacturer email highlighting a MAP violation, there are several possibilities for the root cause.  The MAP price may actually be wrong in the Coreware Catalog, but more likely the manufacturer MAP policy is not set correctly.  Before assigning the ticket to Zach for catalog fixes, do the following steps:


  1. The products listed in the violation report will show the MAP price and the price that the manufacturer found on the dealer’s site. For example:

    03/29/2021 07:38 PM Meprolight | Micro RDS Adapter | Glock | Part Number: 88071500 | ML Code: ML881500 810013520248 88071500 $219.99 $179.99 $171.49

    UPC: 810013520248, MAP price: $179.99, price found on the dealer's site: $171.49
  2. Spot check a few of the UPCs and see if the MAP price is set correctly in coreFORCE.
  3. If the MAP price is actually wrong, assign the ticket to our catalog support team (Zach Geiger, Jacob Vailes, Josh Weinstein).
  4. If the MAP price is right, the problem is most likely that the manufacturer is using TrackStreet or a similar bot that is checking “add to cart for best price” prices.  The manufacturer needs to be switched to Strict MAP.  In that case, send the dealer a link to KB 47805 (linked below).  
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If the dealer is getting a "final warning" and has not yet taken action, go ahead and change the manufacturer policy for them and explain to them what you did.  Although dealers need to take responsibility for their own catalogs, we don't want to have dealers get terminated by manufacturers if we can avoid it.
  5. It is possible that the MAP price is wrong (as in this case - off by 99 cents), but manufacturer MAP policy also needs to be changed.  In that case, explain to the dealer how to fix the manufacturer MAP policy first, and then assign the ticket to Zach to tweak the MAP prices.



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