Item Kit Items Tab Guide

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Accessing the Items Tab


After adding an item kit by saving the changes you made on the Item Kit Info tab (for more information about the Item Kit Info tab, see Item Kit Info Tab Guide), coreSTORE will automatically bring you to the Items tab, where you add items to construct the item kit.



Alternatively, if you are editing an existing item kit by clicking on the Edit button next to the item kit in the Item Kits list (for more information, see ), you will initially be brought to the Item Kit Info tab (1). Click Items (2) to be brought to the Items tab.



[Note: If you need to return to the Item Kits sub-module of the Inventory module, either select the Inventory module from the sidebar or click the Done button (only available if editing an existing item kit).]


Items Tab Overview


In order to construct an item kit, you need to add items from the Items sub-module (for more information, see Items Sub-Module Overview) to the item kit. To search for the items that you want to add to the item kit, use the Add Item search bar (1) to narrow down the item you are wanting to add to the item kit, and repeat as needed. If you want more than one unit of the item, you can add more by continuing to use the search bar (the Items list does have a quantity field but it is only available for edit after you have saved the items to the item kit).


Before you save your changes, the only available fields for each item are the trash can icon (2) for deleting an item from the item kit, the Item information (3) (including the name of the item, the category it falls under, and the selling price of one unit of the individual item), and the Cost Price (4) of the item (if you add more than one unit of the same individual item, it does not show the cost price of a single unit of the individual item that you have added, it multiplies the cost price of a single unit of the individual item by how many total units of the individual item that you have added).


To save the items to the item kit, click the Save button.



If you are creating an item kit, when you click Save, this will automatically save the items list you have created and bring up the Pricing tab (5) (for more information about this tab, see Item Kit Pricing Tab Guide). If you want to go back and look at the list of items, delete an item from the list, check the cost and selling price of the items, and/or edit the quantity of an item, click Items (6) to go back to the Items tab.



When you return to the Items tab, either after adding the item kit or editing an existing item kit, the outlook of the list will have changed. You will still see the trash can icon (2) for deleting an item from the item kit, but the rest of it will have changed as follows:


  • Now the item's name (7) is listed by itself. If you click on the item's name (in blue), you will be brought to the Edit Item screen for the item (to return to the item kit, click the Done button on the Edit Item screen).
  • Next you will see the Cost Price (8) of each item individually [if you added multiple units of an individual item, the previous total Cost Price (4) will be replaced by the Cost Price of one unit of each individual item) and the Selling Price (9) of each item individually.
  • Finally, you can now access the Quantity field (10). To edit how many units of each individual item are included in the item kit, input the desired new quantity.

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