How do I pay out after a consignment is sold not using checks?

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For information on how to set up consignments, please watch this video.

Keep in mind we are not an accounting system. With that said you could do one of the following:


Option 1:

Record it as an expense in the Expense screen. You can then print a report of your expenses.


Option 2:

Use the consignment report to then create a payment record in the Receiving screen.
The steps would be:

1. Setup a nonstock item (service item) called "Consignment Payment"


2. Enter a receiving transaction with the Supplier being the person you are paying (set them up as a supplier)


3. Choose the payment type you used to pay them and complete the receiving.


Option 3:

Use your accounting system to track these payments (we offer an integration into Quickbooks via Shogo). Process the payments outside of coreSTORE.


With all of the above the COGS is already calculated in our system so it's not an issue related to COGS, when you sold the consignment item, assuming you set up the item as a consignment item with the correct fees etc. the COGS is already calculated in the sale. This is simply a matter of how you account for the payment to the consignee.

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