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In coreSTORE, there are several different ways to print barcodes/labels for items/item kits. If you need to print barcodes for an individual item/item kit, select the "..." button next to the Edit button corresponding to the item/item kit. If you select the Print Barcodes option, you will be brought to a Print Barcodes screen for the item/item kit (for more information about accessing this option, see Individual Item Extra Options Guide or Individual Item Kit Extra Options Guide). If you are printing barcodes for an item, you will see screen (1), and if you are printing barcodes for an item kit, you will see screen (2) (these screens are very similar, the only difference being Item Name vs Item Kit Name).



On this screen, review the basic information of the item/item kit (A) to make sure it is correct, input how many barcodes you want to print for the item/item kit (B), and click the Barcode Labels button (C) if you want to print the barcode using a label printer, or click the Barcode Sheet button (D) if you want to print the barcodes on regular paper or a label sheet.


Barcode Labels


If you click the Barcode Labels button, you will see a Barcode Labels screen, where you can customize the size of the barcode label and the font on the barcode label by inputting the numbers that you want in the settings fields (A) then by clicking the Submit button (E). If you want to undo the customizations and default to the original settings, click the Reset Labels button (C). In order to use the barcode labels you can either print them by clicking on the Print button (B) or by exporting them to Excel by clicking on the Excel Export button (D).



The barcode label that shows on the screen [(F): example item barcode, (G): example item kit barcode] is a preview of the barcode that will print out.



Barcode Sheet


If you click the Barcode Sheet button, the Number of labels to skip window will pop-up. If you are reusing a label sheet, input how many labels you need to skip in the field (A) then click the Submit button (B) to print the barcodes. Otherwise, just click the Submit button (B) to print the barcodes.



Below are example barcodes that print out using this window [(C): example item barcode, (D): example item kit barcode]:

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