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Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 15 Nov 2022 at 04:56 PM by Hannah Harris

From anywhere in coreSTORE, you can edit the profile of the user who is currently logged-in to the application. Go to the top of any page to view the header, click on the user's name in the top right corner of the screen, and click Edit profile to pop-up the Edit profile window.



In the Edit profile window, use the following options to edit the currently logged-in user's profile:

  • x (1): In order to close the window without making any changes, click x.
  • First Name (2): Input the first name of the user (this field is required).
  • Last Name (3): Input the last name of the user.
  • E-Mail (4): Input the user's email address.
  • Phone Number (5): Input the user's phone number.
  • Select Image (6): You can add an image for the user in severaldifferent ways:
    • Choose File (A): If you want to add an image by uploading it from the device you are using, click the Choose File button, and once you choose a file the name of the file will be listed where it says "no file selected".
    • Take Photo (B): Click the camera icon if you want to takephoto using the camera of the device you are using (for details on how to take photos using coreSTORE, see Item Images Tab Guide).
    • Drag and Drop Files (C): You can also add an image by dragging and dropping a file into the area outlined by blue dashes.

  • Address 1 (7): Input the user's address.
  • Address 2 (8): If you need a second line for the user's address, use this field.
  • City (9): Input the user's city.
  • State/Province (10): Input the user's state/province.
  • Zip (11): Input the user's zip code.
  • Country (12): Input the user's country.
  • Comments (13): If you want to add comments to the user, input them here.

  • Employee Login Info (14): Use this section to edit the user's login info (if you are editing any of the following options, they are all required).
    • Username (D): Input what you want the user's new username to be.
    • Password (E): Input a new password for the user. While typing the new password, this field will turn dark red and will say "Passwords must be at least 1 charactersunder the field.
    • Password Again (F): Confirm the password you input in (E) by inputting it again. If the password you input here is not the same as the password you input in (E), this field will turn dark red and will say "Passwords do not matchunder the field.
    • Language (G): Select from the drop-down list (shown below) which language coreSTORE will need to use when the user is logged-in (the image below only shows some of the languages available).
  • Save (15): Click the Save button to save any changes [if (F) is still dark red and does not match (E), you will not be able to click this button].

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