Work Orders Module Overview

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In order to access the Work Orders module, select the module on the left side of your dashboard labeled Work Orders.



This module is where your work orders are located and consists of four sections.


(1) Status Summaries

(2) Search Bar

(3) + New Work Order and More Options

(4) Work Orders List



(1) Status Summaries


Each of the statuses you have set up will show at the top of the screen. Each status has its own button. The button shows the name of the status, is color-coded, and shows how many work orders are currently in that status. Clicking on one of these buttons will narrow down the Work Orders List (4), only showing all of the work orders that are currently in that status.



(2) Search Bar


You can use the search bar to narrow down the work order you are looking for by (A) selecting from the drop-down list which technician's work orders you are looking for, (B) typing in what you are looking for, (C) or checking the Hide Completed Work Orders box if you want to search only for work orders that have not been completed. In order to complete your search, click the Search button (D).



(3) + New Work Order and More Options


Click the + New Work Order button (E) in order to add a new work order (for more information on adding new work orders, see New Work Order Pop-Up Window). Clicking the "..." button (F) shows a drop-down menu (G) that gives you more options for interacting with the Work Orders module (for more information about each one of these options, see Work Orders Module Extra Options Overview).



(4) Work Orders List


The Work Orders List will show you a list of the work orders that you have added to your coreSTORE. It tells you how many work orders you have added (H), and clicking on the gear button (J) allows you to choose which columns you want to show, or rearrange the order in which the columns appear in the list.


For each work order, there is a checkbox (K) that you can check to select a work order or work orders, which shows more options for interacting with the work order(s), an Edit button (L) for actions for that work order, the sale id (M) for the work order that you can click to view the work order's receipt, the sale date of the work order (N), the current status of the work order (O), and columns (P) that tell you details about the work order(s).


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