Item Kits: How They Work & Related Q&A

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Item kits are an important feature of coreSTORE. They can be used as a tool to add multiple items to a sale at one time, instead of having to add each item individually. Essentially, you create an item kit with a particular name, assign it a unique UPC, add items to the kit, then print barcode labels for the kit. In order to add the item kit to a sale, all you have to do is scan that barcode, and all of the individual items that make up the kit are added to the sale as individual line items.


[Note: If you use a Zebra printer, and you want some help building a custom label for your item kits, click here to submit a ticket to our help desk and we will help you build a label to suit your needs!]


[For more information about building an item kit in coreSTORE, see the individual articles under New Item Kit Screen Overview.]


Common Questions about Item Kits


Q: Why do item kits show up in a sale with each individual item making up the kit as its own line item, instead of the item kit itself showing up as one line item?

A: Especially in the firearms industry, which is a large focus of coreSTORE, serial numbers may need to be assigned to each individual item in a item kit. Because of this, the items in an item kit will always be added to a sale as individual items, not as an item kit.


 Q: How does inventory for item kits work?

A: Item kits are based off of the inventory for the items included in the item kit. That's why there is no Inventory tab for Item Kits, just for Items. For example, let's say you have a quantity of 141 individual blue pens in stock. If you have an item kit that consists of 5 each of those individual blue pens, you essentially have 28 kits "in stock" with an extra pen available (141 / 5 = 28, remainder of 1). If you get to the point where you only have 4 or less individual blue pens in stock, because the item kit consists of 5 of them, it will not allow you to sell the item kit again, at least until you get back up to at least 5 individual blue pens in stock.


Q: Will I have to worry about people ordering item kits that are out of stock but doesn't show it on the front end of the website?

A: Essentially, coreFORCE handles the item kit quantity, and coreSTORE handles the quantity of the items that are part of the item kit. Here is how this interaction works:


  1. You create the item kit in coreSTORE. Add a name, select a category, create a brand new unique UPC for the item kit, add the items to the kit, and set an overall price for the kit.
  2. This item kit will be imported into coreFORCE as an individual product. However, when it is imported, it doesn't have inventory, you need to set it manually.
  3. In coreFORCE, use the left sidebar to go to Products > Products > Products.
  4. In the search bar, enter the unique UPC you created for the item kit and select it from the list.
  5. From here, go to the Inventory tab, and click where it says Update under Set Inventory.
  6. From here, locate where it says Add Inventory Log Entry, select Inventory from the Inventory Adjustment Type drop-down list, and enter how many of the item kit you have in stock.

Finally, click save.

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