Processing Manual Card Payments for coreCLEAR Users

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Setting Up a Manual Terminal on coreSTORE

If you are using the coreCLEAR gateway, you can now set up a register to process manual transactions (helpful if you take orders via the phone or if you are using coreCLEAR gateway and still waiting for the physical terminal).


To set up a Manual Register go to Company Module > Locations > Edit > Go to Registers &Terminals Tab > Add Register Set the register name and then select Card Not Present as the Card Reader Type.



Do NOT enter a Terminal ID for this register; leave the field blank.




When processing a sale on the manual register, when selecting Credit Card as the payment type, you will be prompted to enter the card information.  



Make sure you have a customer selected for the sale and that their address matches the billing address of the credit card. After clicking "Process Credit Card" you will need the full credit card numbers, expiration date (MM/YYYY), CVV, and Zip code and then hit Save.



Manual Entry On the Terminal 

Alternatively, you can process a card directly on the terminal itself. To do so:

  1. Ring up the transaction in the Sales screen on coreSTORE
  2. Select Credit Card as your Payment Type
  3. Once the payment sends to the terminal, press the green button on the machine. This will prompt you to enter the card information on the machine.


This works for both the Equinox 8500 and 6200 (reach out coreCLEAR team to enable this for you)


Note on Payment Types

On the Sales screen, there is a payment type called Manual Card. This payment type is not for manually processing credit cards according to the processes in this article. Using this payment type does not actually charge the card entered, it only records the last 4 of the card number and the approval code for a transaction on the receipt, in case for some reason the captured payment was not sent back to coreSTORE from the terminal or if you wanted to record a payment that you processed using a virtual terminal.


For the processes in this article, make sure you use the actual Credit Card payment type.

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