No Shipping Options Available During Checkout

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There are many potential reasons that your customers are not seeing shipping options during checkout, however, this will always come back to configuration settings in the end. 


There are different places where you can configure shipping options but most often this will be related to restrictive shipping charges. If you would like to watch our baseline explanation and recommendations for shipping methods and charges you can watch the following video:



Investigating The Issue


  1. Verify that the customer ACTUALLY doesn't have any shipping options by Simulating their User.
  2. If a customer is reporting that to you that they are not seeing any shipping options, you should take note of what products are in the user's cart (write down the UPCs). You can do this by Simulating their User or by bringing in their shopping cart via the Order Entry Module.
  3. Once you have written down the UPCs, you should try logging into the front-end as an admin and adding the products to your own cart via the UPCs that you wrote down. If you are logged in as an admin, then you will see a shipping calculation. This shipping calculation should tell you what shipping methods are or are not available for that order and why.
  4. Note where the customer is located via their contact record.
  5. Check your shipping charges and make sure that there is a shipping charge available for that customer's location.
  6. Check that the shipping charges do not exclude any product categories of products that are in the customer's cart.
  7. Check whether the product departments/categories that pertain to that order have any restricted shipping methods.
  8. Check whether the products themselves have any restricted shipping methods.
  9. Check whether the locations in Location Maintenance where the products are available from are able to ship product. 
  • When you set a location to not ship, you severely restrict the shipping options for products that are only available at that location. Then, if there are products that cannot be picked up at that location, you make a situation where the customer can have a combination of products in their cart that would have no shipping options available.


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