Steps to Create a GunBroker Listing | coreFORCE Basic/Standard (Lite)

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In this article, we will discuss the steps to create a GunBroker Listing starting from coreSTORE to coreFORCE-Basic/Standard (previously Lite) to Sending the Listing to GunBroker.

Step-by-Step guide to this Article

  • Step 1: Setting up GunBroker on your coreFORCE-Basic/Standard
  • Step 2: Create an Item in coreSTORE and Link it to coreFORCE-Basic/Standard 
  • Step 3: Creating a GunBroker Listing in coreFORCE-Basic/Standard 
  • Step 4: Sending a GunBroker Listing from coreFORCE-Basic/Standard  to GunBroker

Step 1: Setting up GunBroker on your coreFORCE-Basic or Standard

You will need to login in your coreFORCE Basic/Standard  backend dashboard and navigate to Setup>Site Defaults>GunBroker. Complete the Username and Password fields and Save!

Step 2: Create an Item in coreSTORE and Link it to coreFORCE-Basic/Standard

You will need to make sure that you have the item you want listed on your GunBroker properly added into your coreSTORE. When you create your item, you will need to scroll down on the New Item Screen and verify that the item is marked as an Ecommerce Item. If it is not it will not show up on your coreFORCE-Basic/Standard site.

You will need to Save and continue to your coreFORCE website backend.

Step 3: Creating a GunBroker Listing in coreFORCE Basic or Standard

Once you create the Ecommerce Item in coreSTORE and have made it to your coreFORCE-Basic or Standard website backend dashboard. 

You will need to navigate from the Left Side menu bar to Products>GunBrocker Products>+Add. 

You can create a Product for GunBroker here but it doesn't add it to GunBroker from this step. 

You just create a Product that can be Transferred to GunBroker through the next step. 

Fill out the +Add page and make sure to Save It.

coreFORCE (all versions) only allows a single fixed price GunBroker listing per UPC. So if you have an existing GunBroker listing and you create a GunBroker product for the same UPC in coreFORCE, the existing listing will be linked to coreFORCE (and may be ended automatically if coreFORCE does not see it as in-stock)

Step 4: Sending a GunBroker Listing from coreFORCE-Basic or Standard to GunBroker

In this step, you will need to go to Orders>GunBroker>GunBroker Listings. Any items you create in the GunBroker Products module (Step 3 above), should show here... this is your list of items you can add to your GunBroker Acct. 

You would need to select the listing (or you can select more than one) and you will click the Send Selected Products button. This will send the items to your GunBroker Account/Site.

If the Inventory Qty of the listing sent to GunBroker reduces to 0, the listing will be removed from GunBroker. You will need to Add/Receive Inventory Qty and then Resend the Listing back to GunBroker.

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