Items Not Counted/& In Stock Screens

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 04:19 PM by Hannah Harris

One of the easiest ways to perform an inventory count is to use the Items Not Counted (J) or Items not counted & In Stock buttons (K) to get to the Items Not Counted screen (1). Both buttons will get you to this screen, the only difference is what items are listed on the screen when you click on each button. 

  • Items Not Counted (J): Click this button if you want to see a list of all the items in your inventory, whether in stock or not.
  • Items not counted & In Stock (K): Click this button if you want to see a list of items in your inventory that only includes the items that you have in stock.

No matter which button you clicked on to get to this screen, it shows you a list (A) of items that have not been added to the count, along with the Actual on hand quantity of each item (B). If you just want to use this screen as a reference for what items are left to be counted, you can return to the main Count Inventory (2) screen by clicking the Back button (C), by exporting the list of each item that still needs to be counted (D), or by printing this screen (E). You can also narrow down which category of items you want to see using the All Categories search bar and drop-down list (F).


In order to add one of the items to the count, simply click on Count (G) then input the amount of the item that you have in stock, and it will automatically add the item to the count, removing it from this list. Once you are done counting inventory, click the Back button (C) to go back to the main Count Inventory (2) screen.


Note: If you add one of the items in the list to the count, but you need to delete that item from the count, click on Delete Count Item (H), and it will be added back to the list, it will not be deleted from the Items Not Counted screen (1). This allows you to re-add the item to the count later on.

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