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Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 02:44 PM by Hannah Harris

If you were performing a count but had to save it without completing it, and now you need to continue the count, you can do so by going to the Bound Book module, clicking the "..." drop-down menu button, and selecting Serial Count. The default Serial Count screen when you select Serial Count is the Open Counts screen.


On this screen, you will see a list of open counts that you have not yet completed. This list tells you when you started the count (A), how many serial numbers you have counted (B), and will show you the name of the user who started the count (C).


If you know that the count is completed despite it being in open status, you can click Open (D) and select Closed from the drop-down list (E) (shown below) that pops-up, and hit the Check Mark button (F) to mark the count as Closed[Note: While this does mark the count as Closed and closes the count, if you click the Continue count button (J), you can still continue the count and add serial numbers to the count. Howeveronce you click out of the Do serial count screen, you are not able to go back in and edit this particular count again.] You can also add a comment to the count by clicking None (G), or delete the count by clicking the Delete count button (H).


If you do need to continue the count, click the Continue count button (J), and the Do Serial Count screen will appear, allowing you to continue the count. If you want to start a new serial count, click the New Serial # Count button (K). If you want to view closed counts instead of continue/view open counts, click the Show closed counts button (L), which will take you to the Closed Counts screen (Jump to Closed Counts Screen section).

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