Add Root Category Window

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Use the Add Root Category window to addmain category type. If you have an item that doesn't fall under any of the existing categories in the item categories tree, you would need to addmain category, otherwise known as a "root" category.


Because this category doesn't fall under an existing category, the only option on this screen you will not need to change is Parent Category (1). Leave this set as None, ensuring that this category will not be inserted underneath another category upon clicking the Save button (11). Use the rest of the options to customize the new category.


  • Category Name (2): Input a name for the category.
  • Category Type (3): Select from the drop-down list which item type is included in the category (if you add an item to this category, if the item is classified under a different item type than what you select here, the category type will overwrite/replace the item type) (for more information about item types, see Types Sub-Module Overview).
  • Category Color (4): Use the color picker tool (shown belowA) to select a background color for the category in the item grid.
  • Category Image (5): Click the Choose file button (B) to upload an image from your device for the category.
  • Description (6): Here you can type and formatdescription for the category.
  • Attributes (7): Scroll through the drop-down list or narrow down the drop-down list by typing in keywords into the field, then select the item attribute(s) that are included in the category (for more information about item attributes, see Attributes Sub-Module Overview).
  • Default Markup % (8): If you want every item attached to this category to have a particular markup percentage applied to the cost price, input that percentage here.
  • Default Margin % (9): If you want every item attached to this category to have a particular margin percentage applied to the cost price, input that percentage here.
  • Rentals? (10): Check this box if the category is for rental items.
  • Default Value For Is ECommerce? (11): Check this box if you want items added to the category to display on your website automatically (you can still change the item individually). If you do not want items included in the category to display on your websiteuncheck this box. (Note: This checkbox only applies when addingnew item, or changing an existing item's category. It does not go back and remove all the items in the category from the website nor add all the items in the category to the website, because there might be a few items in the category that you want to or do not want to display on your website.)
  • Ecommerce Category (12): Click the magnifying glass icon (C) to bring up the Select a category pop-up window (shown belowD). You can either click in the search bar (E) to select an ecommerce category from the drop-down list or narrow down the results as you type in which ecommerce category you are searching for, then click the OK button (F) to connect that ecommerce category with the category you are adding. The categories in this list are all of the categories that you have created in your ecommerce solutionNOT the categories you have created in coreSTORE.
  • Save (13): Click the Save button to save the category.

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