Setting Up Custom Engraving or Cerakote Products on coreFORCE

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This article will show you how you can set up a custom product for things like cerakote or engraving projects. The steps provided could, in general, be used for any custom work

Setting It All Up

Details Tab

To begin, go to Products Maintenance (Products > Products > Products) click the blue "+ADD" button to add a new product record. 

In the Details tab of the product record, go ahead and set up your explanation of the service and what it provides in the Detailed Description. The Title can be what the service is (i.e. custom engraving, custom cerakote, etc.).

You can also make the link name something like "custom-engraving".

This product will also need to be marked as a virtual product and a non-inventory item. These are simple check-boxes.

Pricing Tab

For a 1-off product like this, you can add a sale price in the product prices table at the bottom of the pricing tab in the product record: 

Otherwise, as long as you your default pricing structure set to use list price where there is no cost set, you can use list price as well. 

Data Tab

It will also need a simple text order item custom field for every text line item. How to build this (or any other) Custom Field will be included in the Conclusion and Final Notes section of this article.

Options Tab

In this tab, you will create your product add-ons (or build them as a product add-on set and load them here).

 To Group the different drop-down selection choices, give them the same "Group Description". Any Group Description drop-downs will be required so make sure there is always a $0 option.

Categories Tab

For the sake of reporting, it would be good to create a category and potentially department that these can fall into.

Image Tab

Choose any images, perhaps of previous work that you've done.

Notifications Tab

If you would like to receive very specific emails when this product is sold, you can set that up here. 

Conclusion and Final Notes

The custom text that the customer can enter won't be able to be entered until the customer is in the shopping cart, but they will be able to choose their other product add-ons on the product page itself (or change them from the shopping cart if they so-desire).

It may be a good idea to include in the detailed description that customers will choose the text they would like in the shopping cart.

Please note that the view of the shopping cart for an admin user will look different than for a customer (i.e. Quantity on Hand: 99999999999999).

Building Your Custom Fields: 

You can get to the custom field builder by clicking the shift button twice quickly which will bring up a page searcher and typing "Custom Field Builder". You will click the blue "+ADD" button to add a new custom field: 

You can create as many Text Custom Fields as you like, using this as a model.

Product Add-on Sets

Product Add-on Sets are very simple to add. They are essentially just a template for product add-ons. Making adjustments to the product add-on sets will not carry down the adjustments to any products that have already loaded that product add-on set. If you make an adjustment to the product add-on set, you will need to go in and make the changes on the individual product records as well: 

Once you are there, simply add the product add-ons the same way you would if doing it on the product record itself. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit a ticket.

Related Products

It may be a good idea to set this up as a related product on products that are either in your in-store inventory or would shipped to your store (Any inventory from Davidsons or Amchar, for example).


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