Promotions in coreFORCE Basic

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Promotions are Coreware's solution to utilizing features such as Discount codes and holiday deals.

Step 1: Accessing Promotions    

    Promotions can be accessed via your admin dashboard nestled in the Orders > Promotions menu.

Step 2: Adding a new Promotion

    After clicking into the Promotions menu we'll be met with the "Promotion Maintenance" In which we'll see an "add" button.
Step 3: The Details

    After we have clicked Add we'll enter the Promotion Maintenance. Once inside the Promotion Maintenance we'll see a few required fields.

Description - This will be an internal name given to the Promotion

Promotion Code- This will be the code the customer enters at checkout to utilize the deals offered.

Minimum Amount- The minimum price needed in the cart for the promotion to be applicable.

Sort Order- This field determines the order the system will try and apply promotions marked as "Apply Automatically"

Apply Automatically- This field will tell the system to automatically apply this coupon to checkout without customer input as long as the product Requirements are met.

Internal Use & Inactive- These are admin controls to control functionality, such as a promotion marked as Internal Use Only will allow for admin users to apply the deal at checkout. Inactive will render the promotion not usable by any user.

Step 4: The Requirements

Once the promotion is created we'll need to set a list of requirements. Please note products will need to satisfy ALL of the product requirements to be utilized in checkout. For example if in our requirements we have a Department set of Firearms but a Category of Camping Supplies products in both Firearms and Camping Supplies will need to be in the cart to use this promotion code. Example : A Ruger handgun and a tent both need to be in the cart for the promotion to apply.

Step 5: The Rewards

Now that we have a set of requirements established we can get to the fun part! The rewards. In here we can set a Static Dollar Amount via the Order Discount Amount field which will apply a flat dollar mount off of the order. A percentage discount can be applied via the Order Discount Percent field which will take a flat % off of the cart total. This can be further customized via the discount fields below.

Using our previous example of Firearms and Camping Supplies, within that same promotion we can take varying amounts off of the order. Example being we can take 15% off of firearms but a flat $5 off of Camping supplies set up like so. Please make sure APPLY TO REQUIREMENTS is checked otherwise the promotion will NOT work.

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