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To Add a Promotion


First, add a new promotion by going to Products --> Promotions --> Promotions.


  • Additionally, you can press Shift quickly 2 times to bring up the quick search and simply type in "Promotions." Simply select "Promotions" from the dropdown options.


Second, click the blue " + ADD" button in the top right corner


Setting up the Promotion 


Start with the Details Tab


Details Tab



Start Date


  • What day is the promotion starting?


Expiration Date


  • What day is the promotion ending?


Publish Start/End Date


  • Used to promote the promotion before it is valid


Last Ship Date


  • Last date a physical product can be shipped


Minimum Amount


  • Minimum $ needed in cart for this promotion to apply
    • For example:
      • "Spend $200 or more and get 15% off)


Requires User Checkbox


  • Requires login in order for the promotion to be used




  • Promotion is only valid for THIS user
  • Click the magnifying glass to bring up the contact picker
  • Use the contact picker to find who you would like this promotion to be valid for.
    • Could potentially be used to give automatic discounts on certain items or events to a contest winner perhaps.


Maximum Usages


  • Literally the maximum amount of times this promotion can be used
    • For example:
      • "First 50 people to purchase this product get x discount"


Maximum per Email


  • Essentially the same as saying max usages per user. Each user has an email.
    • Each user email and corresponding account can only use this promotion 1 time.


Sort Order


  • Determines the order they appear in a drop down.


Apply Automatically


  • This promotion will apply automatically given certain criteria



If you create a promotion that is applicable only to certain products and check "Apply Automatically", if a customer has a cart that doesn't meet the requirements and enters ANYTHING that is not a valid promotion in the promotion code box (e.g. ASDF, 123, etc.), they will get the message "Minimum product quantities are not met"...


"Apply Automatically" promotions should normally only be used with promotions that can apply to almost any order.


Internal Use Only


  • Can only be applied by staff


  • Makes the promotion inactive
    • This is useful if you would like to use the promotion again in the future.


Resources Tab 


Link URL


Link to a page that talks about the promotion. This could also be used for externally hosted pages. 


There is not currently anything programmed to retrieve this link, but it would be simple to build a page to list current promotions.




You could have a banner with images created for the promotion

This is a legacy feature and is not currently in use.




This is used if there's files you want somebody to be able to download that is related to the promotion


  • Perhaps a printout to bring in store

This is a legacy feature and is not currently in use



Groups Tab 


Created in Products - > Promotions -> Promotion Groups


Used for grouping different types of promotions together


  • Could potentially use this for reporting purposes


Audience Tab 


Valid Contact Types


Promotion is only valid for these contact types. Valid for all if none are selected.


  • Contact Types can be created under Contacts -> Settings -> Types


Valid User Types


Promotion is only valid for these user types. Valid for all if none are selected.


  • User Types can be created under Contacts -> Users -> Types
  • Each user can only have 1 user-type.


Valid Countries


Promotion is only valid for these countries. Valid for all if none are selected.



Requirements Tab 


Items specified in requirements MUST be in the order for this promotion to be used.


For example, let's say you need to have both a particular scope and hunting rifle in the order for this promotion to be able to be used. If you only have 1 or the other, the promotion will not apply. 


There is a lot of flexibility here.



Exclusions (From Requirements) Tab


The first exclusions tab (when looking from left to right) are specifically exclusions from the requirements tab.


If you set a requirement for the promotion based on a broader department or category but want to exclude particular categories or items, you can do that here. 


  • For example, offering a % discount on orders for memberships but you don't want to include your 2 cheapest memberships.



Rewards Tab


This is probably the most important tab as this is where you define exactly what the reward discount will be, either by percentage or amount.


If you set the amount or discount at the very top of the page in the fields labeled "Order Discount Amount" and "Order Discount Percent," the discount will apply to the entire order and not necessarily any of the particular items in the cart. Therefore, the discount will not reflect until the finalization screen.



If you would like to specify discounts by particular products, items in a department, category group, category, product manufacturer, product type, product tags, promotion set discounts, or discounts on particular shipping methods, you can select the corresponding primary field, maximum quantity or amount (where applicable), discount %, or discount amount.



Apply to requirements. The reward is applied to the products that are in the requirements.


If you don't check the requirements button ("Req?") you have to have 2 of the item to get the discount.


Say the requirement is for product "X" minimum quantity 1, and the reward is a 10% discount on product "X". If you don't click apply to requirements, you only get the discount on the 2nd one.

The discount that is activated in the reward can apply BACK to the products that were in the requirements.


ADD? (Additional?)


That product will automatically be added to the shopping cart if it isn't already in there.


If the reward was buy 3 boxes of ammo, get this ammo loader for free and you click this box, that ammo loader will get added to the shopping cart automatically. (3 boxes of ammo have to be in the requirements tab).


The requirement tab says this is what has to be in the cart for that promotion to be valid. (if not, they will get an error along the lines of "invalid promotion".


Examples of "Add?" and "Req?"


1. Buy 3 boxes of ammo, get a 4th box free. (this one does NOT apply to requirements, because the requirement is that you have to buy 3 at regular price before the 4th one will be discounted. 



2. Buy 3 boxes of ammo, get a 10% discount. (This one DOES apply to requirements - 10% discount applies to the 3 boxes).



3. Buy this handgun, get a box of ammo for 50% off. (This one does NOT apply to requirements). 



Exclusions (Rewards) Tab


If you set a reward for the promotion based on a broader department or category but want to exclude particular categories or items, you can do that here.


For example: 


1) Buy any product from the firearms department that's $500 or more (normal price) and in exclusions, you can exclude sellout or clearance items.


2) You buy 1 box of ammo but you might exclude gold plated ammo


Final Thoughts


If you are making a promotion for the first time, you need to test it.


A good way to do this is to make it only valid for you. To reiterate, you can do this on the details tab and use the contact picker to select your own contact. See details tab for more information. 

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