Integrated Distributors

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The current integrated distributor list is as follows:


Distributors that Dropship

 -Bill Hicks

-Camfour (limited to only certain accounts.  Contact your Camfour Rep for more information)

-Chattanooga (Currently in beta and only available to specific accounts.  Contact your Chattanooga Rep for more information)

-Crow Shooting Supply

-Gun Accessory Supply (GAS)

-Hicks, Inc


-MGE Wholesale *


-RSR Group

-Sports South


-2nd Amendment Wholesale


Distributors who do not currently Dropship



-Orion Wholesale


* As of 2024, MGE Wholesale provides product feeds only on extremely limited basis.  coreFORCE still supports ordering from them via email if the inventory is added via CSV import.  Note that cost information needs to be included along with the inventory quantity in order for the location to show up for ordering in coreFORCE. (include either "cost" or "total_cost" as columns in the CSV)


Planned Distributor Integrations

The following distributors are on the roadmap to be integrated in coreFORCE:

-Iron Valley/Bangers - Q1 2024

-Kinsey's (ETA pending)

-Big Rock (ETA pending) 


 In most cases, the distributor credentials required in coreFORCE are NOT the same as the login and password you use on the distributor's website. 

If you are getting a message "connection to distributor does NOT work", it means that the credentials are wrong.  Very likely the credentials needed are different from what you use for the distributor's website.  Normally the product feed credentials are sent from the distributor by email.


To set up a new distributor in coreFORCE, do the following:


  1. Contact the distributor and make sure that you are authorized to use their API for accessing product inventory and placing orders.  You may need to request an API key if they do not automatically issue one.  If you are switching to coreFORCE from a different platform, let the distributor know that you are now using Coreware.
  2. Create a ticket on the Coreware help desk asking to have the distributor set up.  We will need the name of the distributor and your account number with them. We will also need some other pieces of information depending on the distributor:
    • Amchar: Customer Number and Username (Connection Key).  Password is not used; that field can be "n/a".
    • Bill Hicks: Customer Number (coreFORCE uses Coreware credentials for most clients)
    • Camfour: Username (customer number), and Password (API key from
    • Chattanooga: Username (SID from API credentials), and password (Token from API Credentials - see
    • Crow Shooting Supply: Username (your email address), and password (Security Code issued by Crow).  
      • The Gun order username and password are for the Crow FTP server.  
      • The four feed fields are taken from the feed URLs provided by Crow. The feed links all end with following:
        /feedgenerator.aspx?id=<id>&type=<type>.  ID should be numeric (e.g. 123) and type should be letters (e.g. CRSH)
      • The username should be the email that Crow is going to send a confirmation to (whatever email address you have on file with Crow. 

    • Davidsons: Customer number and username (your email address).  Password is not used; that field can be "n/a".
    • Gun Accessory Supply: Username and password (for FTP server)
    • Hicks, Inc: Username and password
    • Lipseys: Customer number, Username, password, username and passwords for dropship orders and class 3 orders (if applicable)
    • MGE Wholesale: Customer Number, Username, Password
    • Printful: Refer to this article
    • Orion Wholesale: Customer Number and Username (Connection Key)
    • Sports South: Customer Number, Username, Password
    • RSR Group: Customer Number, Username, Password (not the same password used on the website - see "Access to the FTP server" on  For ship-to-store orders, enter your FFL number. 
      • Note: RSR has two different logins/sets of credentials, one for dealer orders and one for dropship. 
    • Zanders: Customer Number, Username, Password, additional usernames and passwords for various order types
    • 2nd Amendment Wholesale: Username, Password
  3. If you have more than one location that will receive shipments from the distributor, you need a location record for each of your locations for each distributor that will ship to that store.  


  • For example, say you have a store in Denver and a store in Las Vegas.  You want to set up accounts with Bill Hicks to ship to both of them.  
  • You will need 2 Bill Hicks customer numbers, one for each store.  
  • In Location Maintenance, you will create two locations: Denver - Bill Hicks, and Las Vegas - Bill Hicks.  
  • Each location record should have the mailing address for your corresponding store (NOT an address for Bill Hicks).
  • In Location credentials, you will enter the Bill Hicks customer number corresponding to the store.
  • The details of this setup will vary by distributor, but in general, every physical store location will need its own location record for each distributor that ships to that store.

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