How do I turn off a product distributor?

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coreFORCE includes functionality to allow customers to purchase items from your distributors. There are two places within coreFORCE where this is set up:


1. Products > Settings > Locations - You need to create a location for each distributor with whom you do business. If you have multiple physical locations that purchase products from distributors to be shipped to your store, you will need to set up a location for each distributor for each store. (e.g. Denver - Sports South, Denver - RSR, Boulder - Sports South, Boulder - RSR).


2. Products > Settings > Location Credentials - for each location, you will enter a username and password to allow you to access that distributor's API to see their product catalog and inventory updates.  Depending on the distributor, you may need some additional information (like a customer number or an email address where orders will be sent).


If you decide that you are no longer going to sell products from a particular distributor, you need to mark the Location(s) for that distributor as Inactive. This will hide that distributor's inventory both in the administrator interface of coreFORCE and on your customer-facing website. You do not need to mark the Location Credential as inactive. Doing that will stop coreFORCE from getting inventory updates via API, but it will NOT mark that inventory as out of stock on the customer-facing site.


Open Products > Settings > Locations and find the distributor you want to deactivate:



Check the "Inactive" box and click save.  The distributor's inventory will no longer be visible on your site.


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