How do I set a product to not dropship from a distributor?

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A few points to consider if you dropship products from a manufacturer:


  • All manufacturers and products can be drop shipped.
  • An individual product can be tagged to NOT be drop shipped by checking the checkbox in the Details tab of the product.
  • An individual product can be tagged to NOT be drop shipped from a specific distributor by going to the Options tab of the product and choosing the distributor.

A manufacturer can be set to not allow drop shipping for any of their products. This is done by going to Products -> Taxonomy -> Manufacturers, clicking on the "Cannot Dropship Anything" checkbox.


Finally, a distributor can override the "cannot dropship anything" checkbox by using the last control on that same Details tab for the manufacturer. For instance, Manufacturer A might not allow drop shipping at all, but Distributor A might have a special agreement with Manufacturer A that allows just them to drop ship.


So, if you don't want Manufacturer A to drop ship, you need to check the box "Cannot Dropship Anything" on that manufacturer.


If you are expecting a product to dropship to the customer but it does not


This is the order in which coreFORCE calculates whether a product can be dropshipped:


1. Is the product flagged "Cannot Dropship?"

2. Is the manufacturer flagged "Cannot dropship anything?"

3. Is the manufacturer flagged as "Cannot dropship these departments?"

4. Does this manufacturer have a "Product Distributor Dropship override" for this distributor?

5. Does the product have a "Distributor who cannot dropship" for this distributor?


Later rules override earlier rules.  So if, for example, there is a Product Distributor Dropship Override (which should allow the distributor to dropship that product), but the product itself has that distributor in the list of "distributors who cannot dropship" the product will not be dropshipped.  If there are problems in rule #5 above (that is, products are being marked by a distributor as "cannot dropship," even though they should be eligible for dropship), you need to talk to the distributor to have them fix your data feed.

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