Event Scheduler General Set up and Walkthrough

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This article will walk you through some recommended settings for when you are setting up the Event Scheduler for the first time and walk you through some of the core pieces in place. 

To get to the event scheduler, you will go to Events & Facilities -> Events -> Event Scheduler.


General Setup


Once there, the first thing you'll want to do is click the gear icon in the top right corner. From here, you'll likely want to click the box that says "Group by Facility Type". You may also want to increase your segment count to something like 36 to be able to see more of the day. Each segment is 15 minutes, so a segment count of 36 will give you a view of 8 hours.


If you do not wish to utilize the check-in feature, you can also click the "Hide Visitor Sidebar" checkbox. 


Click Save.


If you would also like to augment your view to be able to see the time slots a bit better, you can also hide the left side bar by hovering in the top left corner and click the arrow (See picture).



To un-hide the left side bar, simply hover your mouse over the top left corner again.



Hiding the visitor sidebar will also allow you to see more information in the segments but you will lose the visitor sidebar functionality as a result.


Navigating Tabs

Once you have set these up, notice the different tabs on top of the scheduler:



The purpose of the happening now tab is to literally show you what is happening right now. The overview tab is a similar view, but was set up to be able to show you the entire view of the day and to be able to easily see and manage the schedule on different days. If you would like to manage and see your reservations by facility type, you can select the other tabs where you can view the individual facilities in a different view.


Event Details/Manually Adding Reservation


For either view, if you would like to add someone to a time slot manually, simply select the time slot and this will bring up the event details popup. In the event details popup, you will want to first verify the start and end time. Next, select the event type as this will fill in the event title. After that, you will use the contact picker to select the appropriate contact; this will fill in all of the contact information for you. If you would like to add in any extra details, such as whether it's the person's birthday, you can add that in the details section. Adjust how many attendees and if this is a recurring reservation, you can set that as well by checking the "Recurring Event" flag and inputting the details. Make sure to set the number of occurrences so that this is not an infinitely occurring event. Most gun ranges for example will have a 2-4 week restriction on how far out customers can make reservations and if that lane is needed in the future for a training class, this could cause disruptions.


When someone makes a reservation online, which should really be the majority of cases, all of this information will already be filled out.



Visitor Check In


If you are using the visitor side bar and would like to use the check in feature, you will likely want to set up some visit types which will help with reporting. These can be set up under Events & Facilities -> Facilities -> Visit Types. 


To check someone in, simply either click the "Check in" button or the visit type. When someone is checked in, a small icon will appear next to their name on the scheduler. Additionally, the visitor check in will then populate their check in time and if you record as visitors are leaving, you ca also click on the visitor side bar "Left Now" button which will remove the icon from their name. This is useful for giving you a quick visual representation of how many people are currently shooting on the range. 


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