How to set up a new distributor

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This article assumes you have already contacted and made arrangements with a distributor to sell their products.

  1. Go to Products > Settings > Locations
  2. Click Add and create a location for the distributor
  3. In the new location record, scroll down to the distributor field to set which distributor it is. This is important as each distributor will have different fields that they use to establish connection. 
  4. Then go to Products > Settings > Distributor Credentials (Every location created in step 2 needs a distributor credential record)
  5. Fill in the information you received from the distributor. These credentials are handled entirely by distributors. If you test the connection and receive an error, you will need to ask your distributor for help. Please note that the credentials are NOT your login credentials for the distributor website. 


Once the Location and the distributor Credentials are set up the distributor product import background process will automatically pull the inventory feed from the distributor.  This will take some time for a freshly set up distributor, up to 24 hours. 

It pulls the full product list every night, and updates the price and quantity every 55 minutes throughout the day.  

See the linked video below for an overview. Please note that some terminology has changed.

i.e. Location Credential Maintenance is now Distributor Credential Maintenance

Locations in coreFORCE | coreFORCE 101 Training

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