Products in Multiple Categories in coreFORCE

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Distributors will often send items to the catalog with multiple categories but having multiple categories, depending on how you are using your website, can potentially create unforeseen issues.


Finding Products with Multiple Categories:


The most straightforward way to search for products in multiple categories is to use the built in filter in Products Maintenance:



Removing categories:


Product categories are an export column in products maintenance, so by exporting all those products you're trying to fix, you should be able to open them in Excel and get a pretty good idea of which categories you need to remove.


To do this, open the Actions menu in the top right corner of the screen and click "Preferences".



Next, using the actions menu, Unselect all.


Then, Select All to select all of your currently filtered products.


From there, you can use the Actions Menu to export selected to CSV.



Additionally, you may have noticed that there is a bulk action to remove multiple products from a category from the actions menu in products maintenance.  If you have a group of products that you know shouldn't be in category X, you can select them all and remove them in bulk.


Another thing to try would be the product category selector page.  You can pick a category (e.g. Uppers), select the radio button for "in more than one category" and then select the products that you want to add or remove from a category (see picture).


Additional Points of Clarification:

  • The distributor feeds will not add a category to a product if there is already a category on it. So, the only way that these three categories got on the product is if all three were on the product in the initial distributor import, which is possible.
  • The shipping will only add additional charges from ONE category. So, if a product is in three categories, Rifles, Tactical Rifles and Uppers for example, all three of which have an additional charge, only one of those additional charges will be applied to the shipping. It will use the highest cost.

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