Using GunBroker with coreFORCE

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coreFORCE integrates with to sell firearms through their system. Since we first released this we have added many new layers to help unify and simplify the way you do business. This article will provide you the details on how to process an order when a customer purchases a product through as well as help you to more efficiently manage your GunBroker listings.

Setting GunBroker Credentials


To integrate GunBroker onto your site you first need to set up credentials with GunBroker.

To link it with coreFORCE go to:


Orders > Setup

and under the GunBroker tab input your email and password that you set up with GunBroker



Using GunBroker


You can see your Listings, Orders, and Products under:


Orders > GunBroker


GunBroker Listing Templates


Through working closely with dealers, we have identified that many products have the same settings. By going to Orders -> GunBroker -> Products you can see many different GunBroker settings that can be set such as the listing type, buy now price, etc. Rather than listing 1 product at a time, you're generally listing many products that have the same settings (all auction, all start at a penny, will go for 3 days, etc.). For this reason, we made a way for you to create a listing template in Orders -> GunBroker -> Listing Templates


This can house all of your settings so that you can easily apply this to multiple products. 


Premium Features Section


These are all premium features that GunBroker offers, but charges extra for.


Header and Footer Content


These can be added to product listings by selecting the template.


  • You could have your logo and sales information in the header
  • You could have terms and conditions in the footer, etc.


To Apply a Template


Add a product.


Go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Products


Select the product you'd like to list and under the description you can select a template from the "Use Listing Template" dropdown.



Click the green SAVE button in the top left corner.


Adding Multiple Products at a time


Go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Product CSV Import


Valid Fields/Column Headers


  • upc_code
  • gunbroker_listing_template_code -
    • see picture below:



  • product_category_code
    • Your own product category codes
      • You will need to create relationships for these. See section on GunBroker Product Categories


  • category_identifierr -
    • GunBroker Category ID


  • scheduled_starting_date 
    • Format for Date - DD/MM/YYYY 
      • Full example - 2/24/2021 5:30 pm


  • fixed_price
    • If it's not an auction item


  • quantity


  • starting_bid
  • buy_now_price


Required Fields


  • UPC
  • gunbroker_listing_template_code
  • product_category_code OR category__identifier
  • Quantity (if not an auction - defaults to 1 for auctions)


As long as the product information (besides quantity of course) matches up, you can use this CSV import to update quantities on previously added items. 


Managing Your Listings


Go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Listings


Send Selected Products


This allows you to send any products you have selected


Select All


This will allow you re-send the ones that have already been sent and just update them on GunBroker


Select Never Sent


This will select any products that have never been sent (new listings)


Hide Unselected


This will allow you to view which ones you're about to send


Managing Your Orders


With coreFORCE's GunBroker integration, you can have customers either check out on GunBroker directly or through your own ecommerce site. 


Go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Orders.


When the orders come in, they will be listed on this page. If they're paying on GunBroker you can import the order into your system so you have a record of it, or if you setup GunBroker to NOT set up payment, you can send the customer an email that will give them instructions on how to go to your website and pay for the product.


Two Ways to Process an Order


1) If you would like to sell the item on GunBroker and process the sale through your own website, you can select  the button that says "Email Customer" to give the customer a link to purchase their item from your coreFORCE site at the price they agreed to on GunBroker. This will add the product, at the price they agreed to on GunBroker upon to their shopping cart. Doing this avoids the merchant gateway fees on GunBroker. This is also beneficial to you because they may also purchase other related products while here as well. The customer will process the order entirely in coreFORCE without any further reference to 


2) If you would like to sell the item on GunBroker and process the sale on GunBroker, you will receive payment through GunBroker and process the shipment using the tools that GunBroker provides.  After the order has been fully completed on GunBroker, you will click "Create Coreware Order" on the GunBroker Orders page, and the order information will be imported from GunBroker into coreFORCE for your records.  This will also update your inventory to indicate that the product has been sold.



Create Unpaid GunBroker Orders:


The preference "Create unpaid gunbroker orders" is intended for customers who are going to pay offline (via cash or money order, etc.).  If you want them to pay via coreFORCE, you should turn off that preference.



Email All and Create All Orders


To speed up the process, we created two buttons at the top.


1) Create All Orders pulls all the orders that are on GunBroker that have not been pulled.


2) Email All will email all the customers who have purchased the item and are going to pay for the item on your website. 



Orders Highlighted in Red


Orders highlighted in red contain products with a lower price than sold for on GunBroker. If the checkbox below is checked, all sale prices (for any location) that are below the GunBroker sale price will be removed and a sale price equal to the GunBroker sale price will be added when the customer is emailed instructions to complete the order (though NOT when Coreware orders are simply created).



GunBroker Product Categories


Go to Orders -> GunBroker -> Product Categories


This is where you can create a connection between your coreFORCE categories and GunBroker's Categories. This is useful if you would like to set it up 1 time and then, when doing product csv imports, you can simply use your own coreFORCE categories and they will be automatically translated via what you put into here.


Note that if your product category's name is exactly the same as the GunBroker category, this relationship will automatically be created, but only on a CSV import.

Tracking Information and Integration

Once an order is marked shipped in GB it can't be changed.  So we only mark an order shipped if it has shipments, has tracking and has been marked complete in coreFORCE.

- If the order is marked shipped in GB, it can't be changed at all.  So if he marked it shipped before doing anything else, coreFORCE can't touch it. 

- The GB order is marked PaymentReceived when there is an order payment record that is captured and not deleted. 

- The GB order is marked FFLReceived when there is a an FFL record with a license file linked to the order. - The GB order is marked shipped when there is at least one shipment with a tracking number and the order is marked completed.

The tracking number is sent to GunBroker at the same time that the order tracking email is sent.  For manual shipments (not distributor or EasyPost), the tracking email is not automatically sent.  

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