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  • For all shipping orders, all you have to do is follow that process, and coreSTORE will handle the rest. It will always complete the sale and deduct inventory for applicable items that are being shipped from your store and ignore inventory for items that are being dropshipped from a distributor, and if you included the serial number(s) in coreFORCE when creating the shipment it will dispose the bound book records for those serials.

  • For pick-up orders, if you are ordering them from the distributor to the store, first create the shipment from the distributor in coreFORCE, and when the product comes in do a receiving in coreSTORE.
    • If the products in the order are all non-serialized, just complete the sale in coreSTORE.
    • If you have a serialized product in the pickup order:

1. After receiving it into coreSTORE open the sale, add the serial, then re-suspend the sale under Internet Order.

2. Locate the order in the Pickup Dashboard in coreFORCE, and click the Ready for Pickup button to notify the customer.

3. Finally you and the customer fill out the 4473, then you can close the sale in coreSTORE.

  • This process can fluctuate depending on your needs, but the most important thing to remember is to at least open the sale in coreSTORE after it is placed, enter the serial number, and re-suspend it so that the 4473 is generated, and do this before you complete the sale in coreSTORE.

(NOTE: All pickup orders need to be completed from coreSTORE in order to complete the sale and update inventory correctly, do NOT complete the order from coreFORCE. Completing the order in coreFORCE for shipping orders will still work, but not for pickup orders.)

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