Why won't my coreSTORE item show on Ammoready?

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Required Fields:

In order for your item to show up on Ammoready, there are required fields that need to be filled out such as: 

Item Name



Manufacturer or Brand



Why isn't my item showing up? 

One reason an item won't show is if your Category is not connected to a category in AmmoReady. This can be found under Inventory > Categories > Edit (next to your chosen Category):

Click on the magnifying glass icon, then search for the category, select the desired category, and click Ok:

If you can't find the category using that search, you will need to first add the category to your Ammoready backend under Settings / Categories:

Then perform the search again.

Another reason an item will not show is if your Brand/Manufacturer is missing an eCommerce ID. You can find this by going under Inventory > Manufacturers > Edit (next to your chosen Manufacturer):

You can find the correlating ID on your Ammoready backend under Settings / Brands:


You do NOT enter the Manufacturer ID or Category ID under the Item's Information: 

This ID will be automatically generated by coreSTORE.

Finally, under Settings / Store on Ammoready, if you do not have these checkboxes selected, it may be the reason why an item from coreSTORE is not showing on your Storefront: 

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