How to Use coreILLA's Conversation AI for Enhanced Customer Interactions

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Welcome to the coreILLA support center! This guide will help you set up and optimize our Conversation AI tool to enhance your customer service operations.

What is Conversation AI?

Conversation AI leverages advanced machine learning models to provide intelligent, context-aware responses in customer interactions. This tool is designed to streamline conversations across multiple channels, including SMS and social media platforms, making your customer service operations more efficient and responsive.

Setting Up Conversation AI:

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Calendar Integration: Easily integrate with any calendar to facilitate seamless appointment bookings directly through conversation flows.
  • Customizable Conversation Flows: Set up a series of questions that guide the conversation, allowing you to gather essential information and qualify leads before proceeding to booking.
  • Enhanced FAQs: Populate the AI with frequently asked questions specific to your business, enabling it to deliver precise and helpful responses, enhancing the customer experience. 

Access the Conversation AI Settings:

Calendar Integrations: 

Log in to your coreILLA dashboard 
coreILLA Dashboad > Settings > Conversation AI > Configure Intents 

Link your booking calendar to allow the AI to schedule appointments directly.

Choose the calendar you want to integrate from the dropdown menu.

Configure Conversation Flows:

Log in to your coreILLA dashboard 

coreILLA Dashboad > Settings > Conversation AI > Bot Settings

Set up predefined questions to guide the AI in qualifying leads and gathering necessary information before booking.

Customize the flow to ensure it aligns with your specific business requirements.

Using Conversation AI Modes:

  • Suggestive Mode: Activate Suggestive Mode to receive automated response suggestions based on the ongoing conversation. Customize the suggestions as needed or use them as is for efficient communication.

  • Auto-Pilot Mode: Enable Auto-Pilot Mode to allow the AI to handle conversations autonomously. Use this mode to ensure timely responses to customer inquiries, even when human agents are unavailable.

Managing FAQs:

Add frequently asked questions to the Conversation AI to enable it to provide accurate and helpful responses.
coreILLA Dashboad > Settings > Conversation AI > Bot Training > Add Q and A

Regularly update the FAQs to include new information or common queries.

Monitoring and Feedback:

Use the feedback tools available in the Conversation AI settings to improve response accuracy.

Provide thumbs up or thumbs down feedback on AI responses to train the system effectively.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement Conversation AI in your customer service operations, leveraging coreILLA’s advanced AI capabilities to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. For more detailed instructions, visit our online tutorials or knowledge base articles on the coreILLA support portal.

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