Master coreILLA's AI Marketing Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to coreILLA’s AI marketing tools guide. This document is designed to help you understand and effectively utilize our suite of AI tools to enhance your marketing and sales efficiency. Below, we provide an overview of each tool, its functionalities, and tips on how to integrate these features into your marketing strategies.

AI-Powered Website and Funnel Builder


Our AI-powered website and funnel builder features a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to create high-performing websites and funnels aligned with your marketing objectives without the need for coding expertise.

How to Use:

Access the website builder through your coreILLA dashboard - 

coreILLA Dashboard > Sites > Funnels/Websites > Create New Funnel/Website > From Blank/From Template > Create > Add New Page > Edit 

Use the drag-and-drop functionality to select and arrange elements on your website.

Integrate AI suggestions for SEO and content enhancements directly from the builder interface


AI Enhancements for Content and SEO


  • Content Generation: Utilizes AI to analyze trending topics and keywords, generating content ideas that engage and resonate with your audience.

  • SEO Optimization: Improves site visibility through AI-suggested, SEO-friendly headlines and meta descriptions.

  • Personalized Content Creation: Tailors content dynamically based on visitor preferences and past behavior.

How to Use:

Navigate to the Content Creation tool in your coreILLA account - 

coreILLA Dashboard > coreY 

Enter your desired keywords or topics to receive content suggestions.

Apply AI-generated SEO enhancements to optimize your content.

AI-Enhanced Blogging Tool:


This tool enables rapid generation of high-quality blog posts, allowing you to select tone, style, and keywords. It streamlines research, fact-checking, and sourcing while minimizing grammatical errors.

How to Use:

Select the Blogging Tool from your dashboard - 

coreILLA Dashboard > Sites > Blogs > Create New Blog 

Input your article specifications — tone, style, and keywords.

Use the AI to generate drafts, then refine them as needed or request alternative versions.

Social Media Planner


Plan and schedule posts across multiple platforms using an intuitive content calendar that supports approval workflows and bulk uploads. The AI enhances the creative process by generating unique, engaging graphics and posts.

How to Use:

Access the Social Media Planner via your coreILLA interface - 

coreILLA Dashboard > Marketing > Social Media Planner 

Create or upload your content, then schedule it using the content calendar.

Utilize AI features to enhance your posts with custom graphics and optimized captions.

AI Chatbot for Customer Interaction


Our AI chatbot efficiently handles routine inquiries and supports requests, enhancing customer interaction with features like personalized message suggestions and auto-reply mode.

How to Use:

Enable the AI Chatbot from your coreILLA settings - coreILLA Dashboard > Settings > Conversation AI 

Configure the chatbot by setting up FAQs and custom responses.

Monitor interactions and adjust responses as needed to improve engagement.

AI-Powered Email Builder


This tool allows for the creation of personalized, branded email campaigns. AI automates content creation and optimizes subject lines and preview texts to increase open rates.

How to Use:

Open the Email Builder in your coreILLA dashboard - coreILLA Dashboard > Email Builder/Email Campaign > Create New Email 

Enter your campaign details and let the AI suggest content and subject lines.

Customize the drafts as needed before finalizing your campaign.

CRM Solutions with AI Integration

Enhanced Capabilities:

Our AI-enhanced CRM solutions simplify contact management and lead engagement, automating communications and workflows to optimize conversion rates.

How to Use:

Access the CRM tools on your coreILLA account.

Utilize AI-driven tools to update contact details and schedule communications.

Analyze engagement and adjust strategies as necessary.

This guide should help you fully leverage the potential of coreILLA’s AI marketing tools to optimize your online presence, streamline operations, and enhance customer interactions. For further assistance, please contact our support team.

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