Is there a way to print from my receipt printer without having other screens pop up?

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 03:19 PM by Hannah Harris

The only way to do this is to have a shortcut on your desktop for Chrome.

  1. Close all Chrome windows that might be open and in the lower left of Windows, click on the  Search, just to the right of the Windows button.
  2. Enter Chrome.exe, and in the results, on the right click Open File Location
  3. In the window that pops up, right-click on Chrome and drag and drop it to your Desktop. You'll see a 'Create Link in Desktop' message pop up as you drag, but when you release the mouse, a menu will pop up, and you should click to Create Shortcut Here.
  4. Right-click on the new Chrome icon and in the pop-up menu, click on Properties.
  5. In the Target field, click after the .exe", add a space, then enter the text exactly as pictured below. The exact entry after .exe" is: space-hyphen-hyphen-k-i-o-s-k-hyphen-p-r-i-n-t-i-n-g-doublequote. Please note that it needs to have the double-quote at the very end, as pictured below. You can triple-click and copy the line below, click after the .exe", and paste it directly and it will be correct:
  6. Click Apply. Moving forward, that icon (and ONLY that icon) will open Chrome in Kiosk Printing mode, where it will just print directly to whatever the Default Printer is in your Devices and Printers settings. If you need the flexibility to choose a different printer, you can open Chrome from a different shortcut icon, or from your Start menu.

Something to note is that this is only recommended if you have just the receipt printer connected to your computer.

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