Add a Surcharge to All Products in a Category

Created by Ezra Weinstein, Modified on Tue, 27 Sep 2022 at 02:32 PM by Hannah Harris

Dealer question: Is there a way to put a product surcharge by category? Or is it possible to do an upload using CSV to change multiple listings?


There are a few ways you could do this:


1. If you want to put a surcharge on a particular product, you could just enter a big number for the low inventory surcharge (in Products > Products > Products, on the Pricing tab), which should guarantee it will always be added.



2. You can add a new pricing structure which is applied only to the category you want to surcharge. (Products > Pricing > Pricing Structures) This would be a percentage increase rather than a flat fee, but you could also specify a minimum markup amount, if, for example, you wanted to make sure you always marked up cheap boxes of ammo by at least $10.



3. You can add per-category surcharges to your shipping methods. (Orders > Settings > Shipping Methods) If you have multiple stores, you might have several shipping methods, but it should still be less work than modifying all the products in a category. Many dealers have hazmat surcharges for items like powders and reloading primers; you could add as many categories as you like to that list.



4. You can set prices with product CSV import. That would override your pricing structures and would be more challenging to undo in the future. One approach you could take is to set the prices with an end date so that you could let them expire on their own without having to be modified. The fields you'd want to use are product_price_type_code, start_date, end_date, product_price. This article includes a sample CSV file you can use if you need it:

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