How to edit one setting into multiple products

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This article will teach you how to change various settings in multiple products at once. This article could be helpful when:

  1. You have a specific category in your inventory that you want to remove from your website;
  2. Add product tags to a specific set of products and brands;
  3. You want to collect many products with different categories into a single category; or
  4. Add promotion dates to several products at once.

Mass-selecting products

Mass-selection of products can be done on the inventory page. You can multiple select items using the left-most checkbox column, but usually, users would select multiple items according to their categories, and they use the Category Filter on the top-left of the screen. 

Selecting the subcategories checkbox would display all products that also have the selected category as their parent category. In this case, the parent category "AMMUNITION" would have "Ammunition" Subcategories incorporated into the search results. You can then click the topmost-left column to select all items on the current page of the table. A prompt will appear to be clicked that will allow you to select all the items on the current table (including all the succeeding pages). This indicates that whatever action is done next will affect all the items that are selected. Make sure that the items you are mass-selecting are the items that you really want to change info/setting.

Mass Change of Settings

Lastly, click the green top-left "Edit" button in order to edit some of the items' settings.

If you, for example, are trying to remove all the selected items into your website, you could change the Dropdown value of "Is Ecommerce Item" field to "No" for them to stop syncing.

If you are trying to consolidate all products into a single category, you can choose from the other categories available.

If you are trying to add a product tag to the selected products, you may do so by adding the tag right on the corresponding field. This will give all the products you have indicated with the entered tag.

Finally, if you are satisfied with the change of settings you have made, commit it by pressing "Save".

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