FAQ on TaxJar and GunBroker Taxes

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Using GunBroker and considering turning on TaxJar as well?


These are some questions you may have thought of and their answers:


1) Gunbroker is collecting sales tax for some sales.  How would we denote these orders in our system, so we don't pay sales tax twice - once with Gunbroker and once with Taxjar?


  • This is automatically handled by coreFORCE so that the dealer does not need to do anything. Two sources are created and these source settings should not be adjusted.


2) Credits/cancellations/voids - how are those treated in the system in the integration with taxjar?  Does the system know not to include them in the report for tax we owe?  Or is this something we have to manually tell Taxjar?  What happens if we paid tax on the order initially and then it is canceled later?  How would tax jar know to show that credit in our next report?


  • If you use the refund dashboard in coreFORCE to process the void or refund, the refund will be reported to TaxJar.  Note that the refund dashboard will attempt to void a transaction first if you are refunding the full order and you are processing the void the same day as the order.


3) Tax exempt dealers - how do we denote those in the system so that we don't pay tax on them?  Do we have to set up a user profile for every instance?  I recently saw that in the "edit order" tab there is a box for tax exempt.  Would we just check that box?


  • There is a tax exempt ID field in the contact record in the Custom tab.  If a customer tells you they are tax exempt, you can add their tax exempt ID to their contact record and coreFORCE will not charge tax on their orders.  Note that the Tax Exempt ID does not have to be their legal EIN if you don't have it; anything in that field will make the order tax exempt.


4) How does the coreware system start collecting tax?  Is there a box we need to check for that to occur?  Or, does it just happen when we enter info into the Taxjar integration tab?


  • You can configure whether to have TaxJar collect tax or just use TaxJar for calculations on the TaxJar site.

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