Add an item with dynamic pricing

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This can be applied to many scenarios, such as, but not limited to a customer were to pay you for gun range damages. To define a dynamic payment for an item/service, the user has to create an inventory item under Inventory page. Creating an inventory item does not mean this is limited to tangible items or goods.

Upon Clicking the Add Item button, proceed to naming your item/service, and put a respective category into it. You can categorize it as "Miscellaneous" or "Misc" if it is none of the among your existing categories. You can also supply a unique Product ID for easier identification later. Do not forget to:

  • Check the box "Is Service" if this is not an inventory item that you want to track quantities, and
  • Uncheck "Is Ecomerce item" (so it would not appear on your website if you have one).

Then, in Pricing tab, check "Allow Price Override Regardless of Permissions". This will allow you to enter the price of the item by clicking the price field on your Sales screen.

Do no forget to hit Save to retain your changes.

Once the item is setup you could simply add it to the sales screen, and adjust the price to your needs.


There is another option that will allow you to have the system automatically calculate the price of the item. This is very flexible and allows you to have the price calculated based on  a specified percentage of the subtotal of the sale or based on the  previous item cost.

To setup calculated pricing go to the item's Pricing Tab, and enter the percentage value in either "Price Is % Of Subtotal" or "Price Is % Of Previous Item Price" fields. This will automatically compute the actual cost of the misc. item or service for you.

Contact Coreware Help Desk for more inquiries.

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