How to Process a Raffle Prize Pre-Payment and Purchase in coreSTORE

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If you need a company who is having a raffle to be able to pay for the prizes (firearms, etc.) and then you will keep the firearms, and the raffle winner will come into your store to process background checks/4473 and pick up their prizes.

Step 1: Create a Non-Inventory Item. Choose "IS A SERVICE" and "IS BARCODED". Name is "Raffle Item Pre-Payment" or something similar. Mark the following settings on the item. For the UPC - put in RAFFLE. Create a new Category named RAFFLE PREPAYMENT. Set the item to that Category. Do not forget to save!

Doing this allows for the business or company to pay in full for the Raffle Items, without locking the items all on one sale, that will later have to be edited or deleted and re-processed to allow allocation of the Raffle Item to the winner.

Also, adding these items to the sale like this to allow pre-payment, without the sale generating a 4473. Which would have to be invalidated for the company paying because they are not person/winner receiving the firearm.

Step 2: Next, you will add the "Raffle Item Pre-Payment" to a sale, you can change the price to the cost of the actual firearm and process payment. You will want to click continue on the sale, and add in the comments the firearms name and serial number for the firearm that they are prepaying for. Make sure to check the box for "Show Comments on Receipt." After this, you can Complete the sale!

You will not need to rearrange, remove, or change this sale after payment. This is proof of payment for the Raffle Sale purchaser/company. But it doesn't lock any firearms to this sale. THIS IS FOR RECORD AND PAYMENT ONLY.

Step 3: Then when the Raffle Winners come in with their proof of win paperwork or however the company distinguished which firearm they won in the raffle. You can simply apply that won firearm to another sale and discount the firearm on the sale by 100% (since technically it has already been paid for on the prepayment sale).

Step 4: Suspend that sale, to the 4473 suspended sale type. Process the 4473 background check. And complete the sale per your usual workflow for this process.

Following the above steps, will save you time and frustration. You will only need to complete Step 1 the first time, and then any subsequent time you will only need to process Steps 2-4.

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