Refunding a Payment Against a Suspended Sale

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You may need to refund a payment against a suspended sale. You have the option to partially or fully refund the payment in the coreCLEAR Transactions Module if the physical card is not available. If you have the physical card, you can process the fund by "creating a return" and processing the card like you normally would. 

If you need to refund and then return an item to your inventory, you can learn how to do so HERE.

Please follow the steps below

  • Create a non-stock Inventory Item called "Deposit", "Refund" or something else that you prefer, make sure that "Is Service" Is checked under the Item Information
  • Go to Sale Screen > Suspended sale > Unsuspend the Sale Id
  • Add the Non-stock Inventory Item (Deposit or Refund Item) to the sale and then enter the amount that you are keeping( if you are keeping none just leave it at $0) remove the original item then add the payment amount you are refunding. You can find this in the change due/amount due box.
  • If It's a Cash payment type, you would simply Complete the Return by clicking Continue > Choose the payment Type as Cash > Add the Payment > Complete Return and you're done!
  • If it's a Credit Card transaction, you would simply Complete the Return by clicking Continue > Choose the payment Type as Credit Card > Add the Payment >  Process Credit Card ( (Make sure you have the physical credit card ) > Complete Return and you're done! 
  • If you refunded the Credit Card via coreCLEAR Module Transactions you don't need to choose credit card as the payment type when you process the refund instead, use the "Record Payment" as the payment type > Add payment > Process Manual Card > Enter the Last 4 digits of the card and the Approval Code which you can get this information from the coreCLEAR Tab Transactions > Complete Return and you're done!
  • To refund or find the Approval Code and last 4 digits you would want to go to coreCLEAR Tab and click Transactions
  • The Sale return will be converted as Return
  • You can generate a Sale Return Report by going to Reports > Sale > Detailed Sales Report > Adjust the Report Options such as Date Range and other options > Change the Sale Type to Return > Submit 

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