Creating Custom Payment Methods In coreSTORE

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In this article we will are going to cover how to setup and use custom payment types in coreSTORE.

1. Our first step is going to be navigating to the Payment Types Setup. This can be found under Company>Settings, then in the left and panel navigate to Payment Types.

2. Here at the top of the screen under payment types you will see system payment types identified as the green or red buttons. The red button indicates that the payment is disabled.

3. In the example above you can see the option for New Awesome Payment. You will simply type in this field to create a new payment method. 

4. You may also want to track these payments in your daily closing report. If that is the case we will want to verify that the setting Track (custom payment name) is correctly setup. This option is located under Company>Settings>Sales. You can also just search the Track (custom payment name) in the search field to navigate right to the setting. 

5. Now when we navigate to the sales screen and process a payment you will see the new payment option available for selection.

6. If you are looking to add a markup percentage for this custom payment we will need to create a non-stock item to add to the sales screen. 

  • We will want to create a new item under inventory>Items>New Item
  • We will want to make sure we establish an Item Name perhaps something like Credit Card Fee and establish the correct category. As you can see below we have created a fee category that is non taxable.

  • Navigate to the bottom of the item info screen to the items setting section and make sure the item is checked for Is Service.

  • After you have completed the desired information on the Item Info tab we can navigate to the pricing tab of this item. This is where we will setup the % fee (Price is % of Subtotal) and also verify that the item is indeed setup as non taxable.

7. After completed setup you can now use your new payment method and fee in the sales screen.

As always if you need any help please do not hesitate to reach out!

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